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About Us

Our Background

Since 2000, Associazione Italiana Chef New York has followed one simple mission - to lead in advancing and serving its community of members, and the industry at large. No other association provides more ways for its members to connect with the people and resources they need to be successful, and we’re incredibly proud of what we have to offer.

Michele Mazza
President AICNY

Cesare Casella
Honorary President AICNY

Raffaele Solinas
Vice President AICNY

Fabrizio Facchini
Executive Advisor (consigliere) AICNY

Roberto Caporuscio
Honorary Pizza Master Chef AICNY

Vincenzo Garofalo
Vice President AICNY

Erminio conte
Honorary Vice President AICNY

Antonio Ciolino
Vice President AICNY

Salvatore Musso
Honorary Vice President AICNY

Odette Fadda
Honorary Chef AICNY

Davide Oldani
Honorary Chef AICNY

Rocco Di Spirito
Honorary Chef AICNY

Fabio Trabocchi
Honorary Chef AICNY

Fortunato Nicotra
Honorary Chef AICNY

Dennis Franceschini
Honorary Chef AICNY

Sandro Fioriti
Honorary Chef AICNY

Stefano Sena
Honorary Chef AICNY


Chef Massimo Felici
Chef Salvatore Fraterigo
Chef Marco incerti
Chef Luigi Speranza
Chef Massimo Fedozzi
Chef Massimo Bebber
Chef Stefano Bosetti
Chef Riccardo Orfino
Chef Paolo Amadori
Chef Angelo Competiello
Chef Antonio Bove
Pizza chef Ciro Iovine
Pizza Chef Pasquale cozzolino
Pizza Chef vittorio Tagliaferro
Chef Francesco Pecoraro
Chef Friends

Chef Herve Malivert
Chef Stephen Yen
Chef Aroon Campos
Chef Jeff Butler
Chef Pierre Landet
Chef Franklin Becker
Chef Cristian Petroni

Get in touch to learn more about us and how to join our community.

Our Board and Honorary Members



Get Involved


Be part today of the AICNY.  Applications open to Corporate & Executive Chefs, Chef Owners/Partners, Sous-Chefs, Pizza Master and Pizza Makers, Pastry Executive Chefs and Sous Chefs


Be our sponsor today, help the AICNY to grow, support our events.  Be promoted by our members and our network in New York and USA.  AICNY connects brands with Chefs, Owners, Hospitality Groups and Food Distributors.  Our member are present in many of the biggest Food events in USA such Fancy Food Show, World Pizza Show, Restaurant Show and more.


Be a donor and support AICNY.  Our association organizes events and fundraisings all year long.

By becoming one of our donors, you will be notified of different events and receive VIP invitations.

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